Iranian General Qasim Solamani refutes his death rumors while leading Quds Forces in Syria

ISLAMABAD: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qasim Solamani has rejected all the rumors about his death and said he is alive and well. He was talking with Alwaght news portal in his office in Tehran . As per details, there were many rumors that Solamani had been killed or injured during battling with ISIS militants in Syria . The IRGC has rejected all those rumors. “This (martyrdom) is something that I have been seeking in the plains and the mountains,” the general was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency in comments he reportedly made at his Tehran office on Monday. Iranian terrorist group Mujahid e Khlq claimed that Solamani got serious injuries by missiles attacks in Syria’s Aleppo two weeks ago. He was shifted to Hospital in Tehran . General Solamni played an important role in organizing Iraqi militants to combat with ISIS. Iran is also ally of Syria in region and supporter of president Asad. Solamani also prepared a strategy to eradicate the rebel forces that was helpful for Syrian president.

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