These five top water brands declared unsafe for drinking

These five top water brands declared unsafe for drinking

ISLAMABAD - There are many local bakeries operating within Pakistan but ‘Gourmet’ is one of the more popular brands in Pakistan as it not only operates in many cities of the country but also operates internationally. The company provides food products, baked goods, sweets, water, fizzy drinks, catering services and much more.

Lahore especially is shadowed by the influence of this bakery. Gourmet water is also very popular, especially in Lahore, but the city was jolted by a shock when the Pakistan Council of Research for Water Resources (PCRWR) declared Gourmet and four other bottled water brands ‘unfit for human consumption’. Now this news casts a huge doubt over the image of the brand and the hygiene of the products the brand is selling.

PCRWR released a statement on Monday where they revealed the name of brands responsible for poor hygiene in their bottled water. The names are listed below:

1. Gourmet 2. Aqua Super Life 3. Shiraz 4. Aqua Splash 5. Marina Drinking Water

The official statement released by Pakistan Council of Research for Water Resources (PCRWR) can be read below:

[image: Gourmet Bottled Water Report]

Poor quality of water has been an issue for Pakistan for a while now. This propelled the majority of people to opt for a particular brand of bottled water, however, many of these companies were found selling contaminated water. To avoid these issues the Pakistani government, with the help of Ministry of Science and Technology, assigned a task to PCRWR for quarterly monitoring of bottled water brands.

According to the evaluation report from the second quarter of 2018, samples of water from Mineral Bottled water brands have been collected from:

- Islamabad - Rawalpindi - Peshawar - Lahore - Bahawalpur - Tandojam - Quetta - Karachi - Tags