I respect Army’s decision of staying neutral: PM IK

I respect Army’s decision of staying neutral: PM IK

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he has no issue with Pakistan Army and has respect for its decision for remaining neutral as he urged the masses not to express their anger toward the state institutions.

Our military leadership decided to stay apart from becoming part of political affairs, Khan said while reaffirming that the current government has good relationship with the powerful Army.

He also mentioned that he personally doesn’t have any differences with the military establishment, saying we respect their choice and stand by them if they decided to not get involved in political matters.

Giving the rationale for his statement, he said institutions believed that it should not become controversial by getting involved in politics.

He mentioned that propaganda is being spread to create rifts between the public and institutions while he reiterated that military has rendered countless sacrifices for Pakistan.

The public interaction session was aired live on television, radio, and digital media. The live call session comes at a time when the PM is facing a no-confidence motion from PDM led alliance.

The resolution was tabled in the National Assembly last month and voting on it is expected to take place tomorrow.