Fatemi tells Obama, Pakistan's Nuclear Assets are safe and secure 


WASHINGTON: Fatemi tells Obama, Pakistan's Nuclear Assets are safe and secure

Prime Minister’s special assistant on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi told US President Barack Obama that Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets are safe and secure.


Fatemi claimed that Pakistan has nuclear emergency management system with an effective emergency response mechanism to tackle problems immediately.


He claimed that Pakistan has a modest nuclear programme for its safety purpose and not to threaten anyone.


Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhary was also present in the nuclear security summit hosted by US President Barack Obama in Washington.


Aizaz Chaudhary claimed that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recorded 2,734 nuclear incidents worldwide including 5 in India but not a single one in Pakistan.


He said “Pakistan’s nuclear installations are not only secure but the world also acknowledges that they are safe. Pakistan has worked very hard to ensure its nuclear security.”


Fatemi also met with British Prime Minister and Chinese Foreign Minister and hold talks to strengthen their ties in trade, economy, regional peace and security.


Cameroon also expressed condolence for the victims of terrorist attack in Lahore which killed at least 75 people and injured hundreds.