Ch. Nisar and CM Shahbaz Sharif discusses Punjab Operation with COAS


RAWALPINDI: Ch. Nisar and CM Shahbaz Sharif discusses Punjab Operation with COAS General Raheel in the meeting and tried to remove deadlock between government and Army on the issue of anti-terrorist operation in Punjab.

According to security officials, both top leaders of ruling party made an effort to break the differences between civil and military leadership regarding the deployment of Rangers in Punjab.


Sources claimed that federal government had been pressurized by Pak Army for a long time to deploy Rangers in Punjab with special policing powers for the eradication of terrorist’s hideouts but PML-N government was reluctant to grant special policing powers to Rangers due to political backlash.


Sources further claimed that after Gulshan Iqbal blast Army Chief ordered to launch operation in Punjab against terrorists and their facilitators without taking government into confidence so Punjab and Federal governments were unhappy with the decision of Army Chief.


Ch. Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif held meeting with Army Chief in this context and made an effort to break the deadlock between military and civil leadership.


While acknowledging differences between civil military leadership, a high government official said that the matters have not reached at the point of no return, expressing his hope that two sides would soon resolve all their differences.