Pak Suzuki Car Prices increased yet again

Pak Suzuki Car Prices increased yet again

ISLAMABAD - Pak Suzuki Car Prices have been increased yet again by the company without giving any justification, media reports have revealed.

Pak Suzuki has suddenly increased the price of its newly launched Alto by Rs. 85,000, which will come into effect from 1st October.

Pakistan’s auto industry is currently going through its worst patch as the demands have hit a new low, which has led to production plants being closed for the month.

Pak Suzuki circulated a notification on 30th September and informed the dealerships regarding the price hike. Many remain puzzled by the company’s decision to increase the price as there has been a shift in dollar price either.

The new prices of 660cc Alto are as following: ModelOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Difference (Rs.) Alto VXR 1,238,000 1,308,000 70,000 Alto AGS 1,433,000 1,518,000 80,000

It is worth mentioning that Pak Suzuki recently increased the price of Alto and demanded an additional Rs 23,000 from all customers who had pre-booked the vehicle.

Following that, the vehicle was being sold for Rs. 1,325,000 for the pre-booked customers and the latest price hike has now taken the price of the same Alto AGS to Rs. 1,518,000.