What did IMF delegation tell Pakistan?

What did IMF delegation tell Pakistan?

*ISLAMABAD - International Monetary Fund delegation held important meetings with the top economic officials in Pakistan.*

*IMF urged Pakistan to bring non-filers into the tax net.*

The third round of discussions between the IMF mission and Pakistan was held on Monday.

The fund representatives met officials of the Federal Board of Revenue and the finance ministry.

The FBR briefed the international delegation on the country’s taxation system. They were also informed about the amendments brought by the Finance Act 2018 to widen the tax net.

On Friday, Finance Minister Asad Umar said that the government has no plans to seek new loans from the IMF any time soon. “We are in talks with them [the IMF] but not to negotiate a loan,” Umar said.

The finance minister said that the talks would help Pakistan whenever it decides to seek a bailout. He said that the economy was undergoing a bypass and would improve with the efforts of the government.