Shahbaz Sharif gets a blow from the Supreme Court

Shahbaz Sharif gets a blow from the Supreme Court

*ISLAMABAD - Shahbaz Sharif had to pay back the national exchequer Rs 5.5 Million Rupees on Supreme Court orders over the advertisement carrying a big picture of him.*

*I never approved the ad with my picture on it, PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif told the Supreme Court on Monday.*

The former Punjab chief minister filed a reply on Monday in the top court in a suo motu case involving hefty expenditure by the Punjab government on advertisements.

In his reply, Shehbaz said that he never approved the ad, nor did he see it before it was published. He said that the PML-N had on March 8 given a cheque of Rs5.5 million for the advertisement.

The ad in question had Shehbaz’s face prominently displayed on it, which the court took notice of. The court had ordered him to reimburse the national exchequer for the Rs5.5 million after a Punjab government newspaper advertisement carrying his photograph was displayed in court during the hearing of the case on March 8.

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