Former RAW Chief reveals India’s only game plan in Kashmir

Former RAW Chief reveals India’s only game plan in Kashmir

NEW DELHI - India’s former Chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence agency has revealed the only game plan in the Kashmir Valley, saying the only news coming out is killing.

“You kill five militants, they kill three security forces. How will this sort out your problem,” he questioned during an interview with the *First Post* newspaper. “The only game plan unfolding in the (Kashmir) Valley is the danda (stick),” he said.

Presently, Dulat is active on the Track 2 dialogue with Pakistan, during which he met up and gelled with former ISI chief General Asad Durrani. Several meetings later, they decided to jointly write a book – Spy Chronicles: RAW-ISI and the Illusion of Peace.

“I have been associated with Kashmir for the last 30 years. Kashmir is very complex. Kashmiris are kind and generous. Every time, I meet Kashmiris, I get educated a little more. We haven’t tried to understand their psyche and at the same time, they have not tried to understand ours,” Dulat said.

“At times, Kashmiris will not speak the truth to you, because they believe that you are not speaking truth to them. India looks at everything in black and white. Kashmir is mostly grey. There is a vagueness that must be factored in,” he said.