CPEC: China responds over cuts in the mega project

CPEC: China responds over cuts in the mega project

ISLAMABAD - China has responded over the news of the cuts in the CPEC Projects.

Chinese ambassador to Pakistan stated that Beijing was open to changes proposed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led (PTI) federal govt.

In his interview to Reuters, Yao Jing said that China would definitely follow Pakistan’s agenda to work out the roadmap fot BRI projects based on mutual consultation.

“It constitutes a process of discussion with each other about this kind of model, about this kind of roadmap for the future,” Yao said.

Beijing would only proceed with projects that Pakistan wanted, he added. “This is Pakistan’s economy, this is their society,” Yao said.

Fawad Ch—while responding to a question that over cutting CPEC projects—stated that Pakistan has decided to expand the scope of CPEC by inviting investments from other countries. He made it overlty clear that not even a single project has been frozen by incumbent govt.

Fawad added that Pakistan was anticipating another additional $42 bln in terms of investment from China.