US President Biden gets a big jolt over support for Israel

US President Biden gets a big jolt over support for Israel

Muslim and Arab American groups are demanding action from President Joe Biden regarding his 2024 reelection campaign. They are threatening to withhold donations and votes unless immediate steps are taken to secure a Gaza ceasefire.

One such group, the National Muslim Democratic Council, is comprised of Democratic Party leaders from crucial battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They have called on Biden to use his influence with Israel to facilitate a ceasefire by 5pm ET on Tuesday, as outlined in their open letter titled "2023 Ceasefire Ultimatum." In this letter, Muslim leaders have committed to mobilizing "Muslim, Arab, and allied voters" to refrain from supporting any candidate who supports the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people. They express concerns about the administration's unconditional support, including funding and armaments, contributing to ongoing violence and eroding trust among voters who had previously supported Biden.

Emgage, a Muslim American civic group, reveals that nearly 1.1 million Muslims participated in the 2020 election. Exit polls from the Associated Press indicate that 64% of Muslims voted for Biden, a Democrat, while 35% voted for his Republican opponent, Donald Trump. The Arab American Institute estimates that 3.7 million Americans have roots tracing back to an Arab country, and recent poll results from this group show a significant drop in support for Biden and the Democrats.

As of now, Biden's reelection campaign has not provided an immediate response. The White House has been actively addressing concerns raised by community members and political appointees within the administration, and Biden met with a group of Muslim leaders last Thursday.

While Biden has spoken out against increasing antisemitism and Islamophobia, Muslim leaders assert that the war in Gaza must come to an end.