Israeli intelligence dangerous plan against Gazans and Palestinians

Israeli intelligence dangerous plan against Gazans and Palestinians

Jerusalem: Israel wants to relocate the residents of Gaza under a secret plan to Egypt. This revelation comes from a draft by Israel's Ministry of Intelligence.

According to reports from non-governmental news agencies, the mentioned draft is being presented to the Israeli government in the form of a concept paper. However, it has raised concerns in Egypt about its public perception.

According to the details, an Israeli ministry has proposed a plan to relocate 2.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

The report mentions that the concept paper drafted by Israel's ministry has been criticized by Palestine, leading to increased tensions between Egypt and Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office has officially dismissed the report from the Ministry of Intelligence as a concept paper and a hypothetical exercise. However, its implications have deepened Egypt's concerns that Israel aims to make Gaza an issue with Egypt and further worries the Palestinians.

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli war when Israel was established, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee their homes, and many continue to be displaced to this day.