US State Department responds over claims of toppling Pakistani government

US State Department responds over claims of toppling Pakistani government

The United States has again refused Imran Khan’s claims that Americans toppled his government through regime change conspiracy.

PTI chief, who continued a week-long march to the capital in another bid to press ruling alliance for early elections, called out Washington for conspiring against him.

On Monday, the US Department of State responds to Mr. Khan’s claims and categorically rejected his statements, saying there is no truth to the regime change allegations leveled by the ousted Pakistani premier.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price vows not to let disinformation get in the way of a significant relationship between Pakistan and the US.

In the weekly briefing, he said “What we can do is counter disinformation and misinformation with information…We value the longstanding cooperation between the United States and Pakistan. We’ve always viewed a prosperous and democratic Pakistan as critical to our interests. That remains unchanged.”

When asked about the free and fair in South Asian country, he said Washington supports the peaceful upholding of constitutional and democratic principles around the world.

PTI Chief reiterates real freedom from external masters.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan lately called out Washington and told his followers that he is not a mental slave to any foreign powers.

The defiant politician said he is not a mental slave to anyone, adding Americans made ruling alliance 'slaves' so that they could not make any decisions on their own.