State will foil evil designs of elements inciting people for political gains: PM Imran Khan

State will foil evil designs of elements inciting people for political gains: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed the nation to remain vigilant against inciters to keep the peaceful environment of the country intact.

Addressing the nation on TV and radio tonight, he said the reaction on the Supreme Court decision by a small segment of society is not appropriate. Pakistan is the only country in the world that was created on the name of Islam, after Medina. It means there will be no law against the teachings of Islam in the country. He said the language used against the Supreme Court judges, army chief and other important personalities is intolerable. The Prime Minister said Pakistan will become a great nation by following the golden principles of state of Medina.

The Prime minister said I believe a persona cannot be a Muslim unless he has deep love for the personality of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said Pakistan was the only country in Islamic world that vociferously raised the issue of blasphemous caricatures in Netherlands. Pakistan talked to the Dutch ambassador, raised the issue at OIC forum and also spoke at the United Nations against the blasphemy. Due to our successful diplomacy, European Court of Human Rights also said that blasphemy is different from freedom of expression.

Imran Khan said those who are inciting the people against judges, army and state institutions are doing disservice to the country. He said the country is already in the grip of financial crisis and the cabinet is working day and night to ameliorate the things. He said the attitude of coming to streets against the verdicts of Supreme Court that are not according to their wishes is not right.

The Prime Minister said protest will cause damage to the fragile national economy and the people. He said army has played a great role in eradicating the menace of terrorism and gave huge sacrifices in this struggle.

Prime Minister also asked the inciters not to mislead the people. He warned that state will fulfill its responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of people and take strict action against violators.