Honda Atlas car prices increased in Pakistan yet again

Honda Atlas car prices increased in Pakistan yet again

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) has raised the prices of its cars for the third time in 2022. Like Toyota Indus Motors, HACL has cited rising raw material costs and depreciating local currency as causes of the hike.

Also like other automakers, HACL will implement the new prices on the following terms:

- Those who booked cars before April 30, will pay the old rates - Honda City and BR-V buyers must make full payment before June 30 to pay old rates - While the people who book new Honda cars after the price hike will pay the new rates - The rates are exclusive of transportation charges

Effective immediately, the new prices are as follows: *Models* *Current Prices (Rs.)* *Revised Prices (Rs.)* *Price Increase (Rs.)* City 1.2L MT 3,129,000 3,264,000 135,000 City 1.2L CVT 3,249,000 3,389,000 140,000 City 1.5L CVT 3,446,000 3,589,000 143,000 1.5 L Aspire MT 3,579,000 3,729,000 150,000 1.5 L Aspire CVT 3,749,000 3,899,000 150,000 Civic 1.5T M-CVT 5,399,000 5,549,000 150,000 Civic Oriel 1.5T M-CVT 5,649,000 5,799,000 150,000 Civic 1.5T RS LL-CVT 6,499,000 6,649,000 150,000 BR-V 1.5 iVTEC S 4,079,000 4,249,000 170,000

Another wave of price hikes has already claimed two victims, which means that more price hikes are imminent.