Cyber alert and Advisory issued for the government organisations

Cyber alert and Advisory issued for the government organisations

National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) has warned the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that government job advertisement-related emails are being sent to the general public by hackers with the intent to obtain personal information and a possible cyberattack on government organizations.

In this connection, the tax regulator received a warning from the NTISB on Friday.

According to the communication of the NTISB to the government departments, these emails contain biodata form as attachments with embedded data-stealing malware.

On downloading an email attachment, an individual’s computer/ device is compromised and the hacker gains access to all the stored data/ files. Citizens are advised to refrain from downloading attachments or clicking links sent through such enticing emails in order to protect their personal information.

A phishing email with the subject “Govt Jobs/ Recruitment” which contains a malicious Word document as an attachment is being spread by Hackers. On downloading the attachment: a .malware runs in the background. It is a spear-phishing attack conducted by Confucius APT Group to gather information at a large scale through a Biodata form.

Above in view, a Cyber Alert/advisory has been issued. All federal and provincial departments/ ministries are requested to take appropriate measures while advertising jobs on their portals, it added.