Why Interpol is refusing to arrest Pakistani absconder Hussain Haqqani?

Why Interpol is refusing to arrest Pakistani absconder Hussain Haqqani?

ISLAMABAD - Interpol has dismissed Pakistan’s efforts to get the international organisation to issue a look out circular against the former ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani, local media reported on Monday.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court wants Haqqani, who has been living in the US for the past few years, to return to the country and face charges of embezzlement and other crimes.

"The General Secretariat of the International Crimi­nal Police Organisation, Interpol, hereby certifies that as of today (April 18, 2018), Husain Haqqani is not subject to an Interpol Blue Notice or diffusion and is not known in Interpol’s data basis," said a letter released by Interpol’s office of legal affairs.

The letter was issued after Haqqani’s lawyer contacted Interpol following media reports in Pakistan that the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) had approached Interpol headquarters in Lyon to seek warrants for his arrest.

Previously, Interpol had refused to honour warrants for the former diplomat’s arrest issued by the Supreme Court on the grounds that the charges against him were political.

Following the top court’s insistence that Haqqani be brought back to Pakistan, FIA registered a case against him for embezzlement and other crimes, hoping it would get Interpol to accept its request.

"I feel vindicated in my belief that the proceedings against me in the so-called Memogate case are irrelevant in the eyes of the world," Haqqani told The Express Tribune newspaper.

He added: "It is only a media hoopla in Pakistan, which has been compounded by some elements targeting me for my strong views and advocacy for change in the country."

Haqqani said he had not received any notice, summons, or warrant from Pakistan through any legal channel.