Former RAW Chief praises Pakistan PM Imran Khan, advocates talks to engage him

Former RAW Chief praises Pakistan PM Imran Khan, advocates talks to engage him

NEW DELHI - An Indian Executive Editor Vinnet Malhotra interviewed the former Raw Chief and former Adviser to Prime Minister’s Office, Amarjit Singh Dulat regarding the India and Pakistan issue.

When he was asked about the Pulwama attack, he said, “This was a horrendous attack, terrible tragedy but something like this was waiting to happen.” He condemned the killing of people in Pulwama. Dulat also added that it’s hard to control what’s happening in South Kashmir.

He mentions a conversation between him and General Dependra Singh Hooda saying “When villagers come out in support of militants, there’s very little the army can do”.

“Insurgency can’t be controlled,” asserted Daulat. He further said that coercive diplomacy with Pakistan is the best option.

Dalut states that Imran khan has banned Jamat ud Dawa (JuD) which is another villain in Pakistan. He continued saying “Modi is lucky as he has gone through 5 years without any problem.”

While talking about using Saudis as a liaison, Dulat said, “If Sidhu can go and hug General Bajwa then there are better straighter ways to do it.” He further accepted that in past few years India has been more hesitant to reach out to Pakistan. When the anchor asked him that hasn’t Indian spoken enough with Pakistan? Dulat said that it is a mere excuse to not communicate with them.

When the anchor claimed that Imran Khan was considered a puppet of Army and ISI, Dulat responded by saying that he is nobody’s candidate, he is his own man and he has always been so. He added “He knows more Indians than any other Pakistani…Even if he is Army’s man then that’s better because he’s a good man to talk to and the final shots in Pakistan are called by the Army,” he added.

Talking about the approaches of previous presidents and prime ministers of both countries, he said that Musharraf had best approach to Kashmir. He has been very reasonable in Kashmir issue.

When asked about Pakistan’s relation with the Taliban, he said “It is natural for Pakistan to support Taliban; I don’t know why we don’t do business with Taliban”

This exclusive interview came out after two Indian Air Force (IAF) jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force (PAF). One IAF pilot was captured who is set to be released tomorrow as a gesture of peace.