Emirate singer remarks on Sridevi cause Twitter outrage, Do you agree with her?


DUBAI - Emirati singer Ahlam AlShamsi remarks about the Sridevi has stirred Twitter outrage.

She is causing online outrage after tweeting that fans in the Arab world should not ask for God’s mercy on the late Sridevi Kapoor as the Bollywood icon “is Buddhist”.

Ahlam was responding to Emirati Author Abdullah Alneaimi’s tweet paying tribute to Sridevi , who recently passed away in Dubai, using the Islamic phrase “May God have mercy on her”.

“May God have mercy on her [sic] May God forgive,” Ahlam tweeted in reply to Alneaimi using an emoji to describe her shock.

Ahlam then used verses from the Quran as proof of why she thought so.

A forensic report from the Dubai Police showed she died of accidental drowning in her hotel room’s bathroom after losing consciousness.