Bilour accuses PTI of generating commission by starting Metro Project

Bilour accuses PTI of generating commission by starting Metro Project

PESHAWAR:Central Senior Vice President ANP, Haji Ghaulam Ahmad Bilour Wednesday accused PTI government of

political scoring and allegedly generating massive commission for their blue eyed by starting mega Peshawar Metro Project at end of their tenure.

Talking to various delegations at his residence here Wednesday, former federal minister claimed that Peshawar Metro project was delayed for over four and a half years just for political bribe.

Starting mega project at the end of their tenure amounts to befool the masses, he said adding the PTI government had increased problems of masses manifold. Corruption was rampant in government departments in KP whereas PTI

MPAs and its own ministers were accusing each other of corrupt practices.

The provincial kitty had been massively looted whereas record loans were acquired from foreign donors that would create difficulties for next government in KP to clear debts drawn by the government, he alleged.

Bilour claimed that ANP would complete all the projects left incomplete by PTI after coming into power in next elections.

The PTI has insulted mandate of people in KP as its chief was least concerned about problems of province as he was focusing on forming government in the centre, he alleged.

He said that rights of Pakhtuns would be secured and all issues confronted by them would be resolved according to their aspirations and wishes.

He said that we should shun differences and defend rights of our province.APP