Fitrana 2017 amount fixed for Muslims

Fitrana 2017 amount fixed for Muslims

Fitarana amount has been fixed as Rs100 minimum amount  and the Muslims living across Pakistan have been asked to pay Fitarana in respect to their wealth condition.

Chairman of Central Reut-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman made this announcement today (Wednesday).

He said according to the market price of 2.25 kilogrammes of flour, the amount for Fitrana is calculated as Rs100 per head.

The faithful who want to pay Fitrana equal to the price of barley, dates and raisins should pay Rs 320, Rs 1,680 and Rs 1,600 per head, respectively.

A Muslim, who possesses food in excess of his needs, must pay Sadqa-e-Fitr before the Eid prayers. If the person is a breadwinner, he should also pay Sadqa-e-Fitr for his dependants, such as wife, children, dependent relatives or servants.

Mufti Muneeb also advised the people to pay the amount to the poor before Eid-ul-Fitr so that they could also celebrate the festival. The most deserving people for Sadqa-e-Fitr are close relatives followed by neighbours and the poor.

The religious scholar said the real spirit of Fitr and Friday is a two-time meal of a destitute person, so it is better these are paid the meal cost of a hotel. However, those who are wealthier, they should try to pay more to extend assistance to the poor in this time of high inflation.