Controversial star Mathira hit with a horrible car crash

Controversial star Mathira hit with a horrible car crash

DUBAI – Mathira was hit with a ‘horrible’ car accident in Dubai. The controversial star shared that she survived a crash involving her friend Sara’s car and two trucks.

Mathira shared post-accident photos of herself in a neck brace, Mathira said that she feels ‘blessed’ to have been ‘saved’.

The Pakistani VJ had shared with the ‘Dawn Images’ that she has suffered three rib fractures and a dislocated jaw and has been admitted to Dubai’s Rashid Hospital. “I hurt from my neck to my back,” she said. “But I want to go home.”

Sharing about how the accident occurred, she shared that a truck hit their car from the back, causing one tire to burst and the car to spin out of control on a busy highway where it smashed into another truck. She added that their car was about to be hit by a third vehicle “but the Land Cruiser driver took a risk and [swerved] to save us. God bless that person.”

The *Naagin *star shared videos of her and Sara chatting and singing in the former’s car before the accident and said that “bad eyes” (as in, Nazar) and “ill-wishers” caused her harm.

Despite going through an accident, Mathira didn’t lose hope and went back to work shortly apart the sad incident. The brave star is promoting her new show on Bol TV.