Jemima Khan reply to the question of "Will you remarry Imran Khan"

Jemima Khan reply to the question of

LONDON – Asking Jemima Goldsmith (formerly known as Khan) if she will be re-marring her ex husband and PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan has seemingly become the favourite past-time of Pakistanis.

It seems like Jemima thought it was a good time to answer the question as we roll onto a new year.

When a Twitter user asked Jemima if she would reconsider re-marrying Imran Khan, this was her reply:

Jemima said: “I could tweet literally anything (existential despair/ Trump’s combover/ my toothbrush) & still guarantee I’ll get at least five replies, asking, “will you re-marry Imran Khan?””

Indeed, that is a very good reply. Makes one wonder if we Pakistanis as a nation have completely failed to respect others’ private lives.

Jemima married Imran Khan in 1995 at the age of 21 and both parted ways in 2004. The ex couple are amicable with one another and Jemima has shown support for Imran Khan on many occasions even after their divorce. They have two children from their marriage: Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan.