Imran Khan and Siraj Ul Haq lash out at ECP in Karachi rally

KARACHI: PTI Chairman Imran Khan and JI Ameer Sirajul Haq criticized the performance of Election Commission of Pakistan, saying that ECP has failed to conduct free and fair local body election in Pakistan. Both leaders were addressing the joint rally in Karachi. Imran said he will not accept the dual behavior of ECP. We are being stopped from election campaign while PM Nawaz and federal minsters are participating in election campaign. Imran added. This is dictatorship not democracy because people have freedom of speech in democracy. Imran further added that there is an artificial democracy in the country and it is so called democracy. Imran alleged that ECP is destroying democracy in Pakistan. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced a package of Rs 40 billion, did anyone stop him?” he asked. Why ECP did not stop PM Nawaz to announce 2.5 billion package in Lodhran for taking benefit in election. Imran added.