Is Ranbir Kapoor being roped in for another biopic?

Is Ranbir Kapoor being roped in for another biopic?

NEW DELHI: After completely killing it playing Sanjay Dutt in Sanju, it's no surprise that Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood right now.

And rumour has it, he's in line to do another biopic!

After Akshay Kumar walked out of Mogul, the flick based on Bollywood music producer and entrepreneur, Gulshan Kumar's life citing creative differences, DNA is now reporting that Kapoor may have stepped in.

Bhushan Kumar, head of T-Series (the production house) shared, “We haven’t finalised the lead but we will have a younger star in the film.” The report said Bhushan was keen on getting Ranbir onboard as he was a good actor. They have discussed the idea with him but a decision is yet to be reached.

The source further added, “Aamir Khan (the movie's co-producer) met the Kapoor scion and has tried to convince him to do the film.”

Gulshan Kumar became interested in the music business after his family acquired a shop selling records and cheap audio cassettes; he started his own audio cassette company called “Super Cassettes Industries”, which grew into a big empire. He also went on to produce a number of films such as Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka (1989), Aashiqui (1990), Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin(1991) to name a few.

In August 1997, he was murdered in broad daylight in front of a temple close to his residence.