Drug Testing Labs declare hundreds of market drugs as spurious

Drug Testing Labs declare hundreds of market drugs as spurious

LAHORE (APP): As many as 226 out of around 1,000 samples of drugs have been failed by the Drug Testing Laboratories (DTLs), this was said by the health sources.

The Punjab health department floated tenders for supply of medicines to public sector hospitals and different pharmaceutical companies deposited samples of required medicines to the department.

When these samples were sent to Drug Testing Labs, around 226 out of total 1,000 samples were declared unfit.

It is worth mentioning here that around 12 out of 88 samples have also been declared unfit by the Laboratory of Government Chemist (LGC) UK.

There are around 95 pharma companies, including seven multi-national,70 local and 20 samples of those companies failed which have office abroad and sell their products in the country.

In the light of the DTL's report, the Punjab government has refused to give tenders to those companies whose samples have been failed. Furthermore, prosecution is also underway against these companies from the government.

It is also learnt that the Punjab government have given a contract to LGC UK for testing of drug samples.

On the other hand, head of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA) Hamid Raza responding to the drug laboratory report expressed his reservations on LGC of UK and urged the health department to believe in national institutions, labs and deal with these companies as per law instead of harassing them.