Disgruntled Fazalur Rehman tries to make OIC summit controversial with presence of US envoy

Disgruntled Fazalur Rehman tries to make OIC summit controversial with presence of US envoy

Jamiat e Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman Thursday posed a question to Prime Minister Imran Khan saying why was the US envoy invited to the OIC meeting if the memo is threatening.

Maulana took a jibe at Prime Minister and said the premier repeatedly labelled other 'thieves' but could not prove it.

If this letter is so dangerous then why the premier did not summon the US ambassador to record the protest, said Maulana.

Maulana said that this letter is not a diplomatic cable.

Maulana alleged that on meeting the former president Donald Trump, the premier was happy like he had won a World Cup. Today, the current US President did not telephone PM Imran that is why he stood against the United States.

Maulana said that when he was challenging the US, the premier was licking the shoes of the US and Pervez Musharraf.

Fazl alleged that PM was praying for Modi's arrival. He also alleged the premier of being involved in a conspiracy against Kashmir.

Maulana added that Imran Khan wants to make the army controversial. Fazl said that the premier's politics of excuses and gestures is over.

Fazl went on to say that PM’s time of enjoyment is over. Now it’s time for the premier to be held accountable, he added.

Fazl said that PM is the defeated person who admired his defeat in his speech. When will he be ousted, the nation will celebrate the day of relief, claimed the JUI-F supremo.

He posed a question to the premier and said what about that when PM Imran was buying the conscience of the people.

Maulana asked the premier to be like the opposition, who keeps on their narrative.

Maulana lambasted the premier and said that PM has run a campaign for one of the organizations of Israel. The PM's real face has been revealed, added the JUI-F chief.