Strong democratic, political system vital for country's progress: PM

Strong democratic, political system vital for country's progress: PM

ISLAMABAD:Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says political stability is a prerequisite for sustainable economic development in the country.   

He was addressing a ceremony after performing of ground breaking of two projects, Dera Ghazi Khan Northern bypass and Rakhi Gaj Bewata part-1, in Dera Ghazi Khan on Saturday.

The prime minister said that political decisions come through ballot instead of courts. He said it was unfortunate that those who serve the people, were being removed through litigation and legal cases. He said the mode needed to end as it was not sustainable and was eventually damaging the country.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said his party had full respect for the courts. However, he said, it was the right of the people to take political decisions. He said there could be criticism on the legal decisions but those taken by the people could not be criticised as those eventually reflect popular will.

Referring to horse trading in recent Senate elections, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said such practices in politics should be stopped now.

He said PML-N's politics is based on honesty, merit, patience and respect for others.

The prime minister said PML- N has not spent even a single penny in senate elections. He said higher positions should not be occupied through horse trading and corrupt practices as it would harm the political culture and development of the country.    

He said people have to stand up against the way the Senate election was held and vote for the Pakistan Muslim League in the next general election to rid the country of corrupt practices.

The Prime Minister said today the nation had to resolve and pledge that they would put an end to this heinous practice.

The prime minister said the nation could only progress, if democracy and political systems are strong in the country.

Referring to development projects undertaken by PML-N, the Prime Minister asked the people to take a look around and see the economic progress, the network of roads and motorways, the projects for power generation, and the end of gas load-shedding as proof as to who was sincere with the country.

He said the people should rise above petty differences, stand united and vote for the only party that had  practically shown that it was serious in serving the masses and is working for the progress of the country.

The Prime Minister said he had full belief that the PML-N would also win the next general elections with an overwhelming majority.

He said today over 1,700 km long network of roads was under construction across the country and would usher in an era of prosperity. The project for dualisation of the N-55 Indus Highway had already commenced which would ultimately ease the travelling woes of the people.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the policy of merit and ‘first come first served’ was strictly being adhered to in the provision of natural gas.

He announced to rename the DG Khan airport after former president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari to acknowledge his political services. He also announced to provide Sui Gas facility to fort Munro and Sakhi Sarwar areas of Dera Ghazi Khan.

Addressing the function, Minister for Communication Hafiz Abdul Kareem said that Indus Highway will be expanded into four lanes. He said that the foundation stone of Ghazi Ghat bridge on Indus River will soon be laid, costing around one point seven five billion rupees.

 He said Gojra Shor Kot Motorway will be inaugurated next month while Lahore Multan motorway section will be opened in May this year. Hafiz Abdul Kareem said that two sections of Multan Sukkur motorway will also be inaugurated by next month.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Power Division Sardar Owais Leghari said that load shedding will be observed only on feeders showing power losses.  

Earlier, the Prime Minister was briefed that DG Khan Bypass was a long standing demand of people of the area and it would help a smooth traffic flow in the city.

The bypass will divert the heavy traffic currently passing through the heart of the city. It will also help in reducing the travel time and avoid accidents. About 2.5 million people will get benefit from the project with an average daily traffic count of around 5000 vehicles. The 18 km long bypass will take 18 months to complete.

Our Multan correspondent reports that Rakhi Gajj-Bewata section is extremely important for the country as it connects Punjab with Balochistan as the shortest route.

The widening and improvement of this road will also help quick movement of people and agriculture products between the two provinces. The project will cost around 13 billion rupees. APP/AFP