Iran is biggest victim of terrorism: Chinese expert

Iran is biggest victim of terrorism: Chinese expert

BEIJING* - A Chinese expert and analyst believes that Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism.*

Iran, as an important country in West Asia and the Middle East enjoying special geographical location is neighbor to countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been facing unrest for many years, is regarded as the forerunner in the fight global terrorism, Wang Fa told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Saturday.

Iran has so far suffered a lot from terrorism, he reiterated.

Iran has made great efforts to establish peace and stability in the region and prevent the spread of terrorist activities, playing an important role along with other countries including Russia and Turkey, in maintaining cease fire in Syria, he noted.

In the wake of its rapid economic growth and increasing power, China has turned out to be the main big power fighting terrorism in the world, he said.

From among five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), China has sent the highest number of peacekeepers to different parts of the world and has actively participated in international campaign against terrorism through multilateral mechanisms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, he added.

He went on to say that Iran has helped Syrian people and refugees on humanitarian ground.

He reiterated that Iran has prevented the spread of terrorism to Europe.

Within the framework of international law and regional and international organizations, in particular the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China and Iran can cooperate with other states in fighting terrorism and drug trafficking, Wang Fa said.

Elsewhere in his remarks the Chinese expert referred to 'One Belt One Road' Initiative, saying China should cooperate with the international community in this regard