India slammed by International media over new Indian Army T- Shirt

India slammed by International media over new Indian Army T- Shirt

NEW DELHI: India has been slammed by several international media organizations over the new Indian Army T Shirt by the top BJP man.

Delhi BJP spokesperson Tajindher has sparked national controversy six months after his online shopping company started selling T-shirts glorifying the use of a human shield in Kashmir last year by an Indian Army major.

The T Shirt in question has a representational image of a man tied to the front of a jeep. It’s an obvious reference to the incident when an alleged stone-pelter from central Kashmir was tied in front of an Army jeep last year.

Major Nitin, the officer who had done it, had said it was done to deter stone-pelters during the 2017 bypolls.

The image is also accompanied by a caption — “Indian Army saving your a** whether you like it or not”. Bagga claims he has sold thousands of them online.

The T-shirt has attracted the attention of international media due to the picture that many in India and outside have found to be in bad taste.

An article dated March 25 on the website of The Express Tribune of Pakistan states the “clothing brand has launched T-shirts to make fun of the persecuted Kashmiris”. Another article by <link> says this act has further outraged the Kashmiris who have termed it “selling the pain”.