Election will prove Pakistanis are not tenants: Ahsan Iqbal

Election will prove Pakistanis are not tenants: Ahsan Iqbal

LAHORE: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal says his party doesn't believe in any 'NRO', (National Reconciliation Order), any secret deal, as it had an NRO with the people of Pakistan to transform the country into an economic tiger.

"The next general elections will prove that 200 million Pakistanis are not tenants but owners of the country," Interior Minister Iqbal told media persons after inaugurating an Executive Passport Office at DHA in Lahore.

"PT chairman Imran Khan wants to win the election  in connivance with the bookie.  But people are now mature politically as everyone, even farmers, tenants and labourers have become "Aristotle" due to the media."

The people, he observed, were well-aware of the fact that which political party was progressive.

Imran Khan often visited Peshawar and Lahore and he was well aware of difference of development in both the cities, he said asserting that in its next tenure, the PML-N government would also develop Karachi and Peshawar to that level.

He called for highlighting Pakistan's achievements to the world instead of resorting to negative propaganda, adding that effective policies of the incumbent government had ensured speedy development and Pakistan had now become one of the top five fast developing economies.

The minister advised the opponents not to repeat political games of the past 70 years as it would tantamount to wrecking havoc on the future of Pakistani youth.

Regarding placement of Sharif family members on the ECL (Exit Control List), he argued that as per decision of the Supreme Court since August 2016, federal cabinet's approval was mandatory for all such cases, but unfortunately, it had not been done in the past.

However, the Sharif family and all such cases pending since August 2016 had been forwarded to the cabinet for its recommendation. APP/AFP