Aitzaz Ahsan returns the fine money to CJP son but with a unique style

Aitzaz Ahsan returns the fine money to CJP son but with a unique style

ISLAMABAD – Aitzaz Ahsan has returned the money paid by the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar for him as fine imposed by the apex court for not attending a hearing in the formula milk case.

On March 24, the chief justice informed Ahsan that a Rs10,000 fine imposed by the Supreme Court on him has been paid by CJP’s son, Najam Nisar. He added that his son had paid the fine as “Sadqah” as Ahsan was reluctant to pay it.

“My son said I will pay Aitzaz uncle’s fine,” the CJP said and ordered court staff to hand over the fine receipt to Ahsan.

In a letter sent by Ahsan to Najam Nisar, the lawyer said: “I had not intended to recognise the liability as I was on general adjournment allowed by your illustrious father, and the imposition being without notice. But since you have paid it on my behalf, this may embarrass your illustrious father that his son pays on behalf of a person he has imposed a liability upon.”

“I, therefore, enclose herewith a cash cheque … in the sum of Rs10,000 as reimbursement of the amount paid by you on my behalf,” read the letter.

It added, “I leave it to your father to make this public or not, but it surely was the most effective way to obtain this amount from me”.

On March 9, the apex court imposed the fine on senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan, counsel for Meiji Formula Milk Company, after the chief justice irked over the demand of Ahsan’s assistant to adjourn the case for an unreasonably long time.

Following the fine, Aitzaz Ahsan had said that the court order dented his reputation as he had never been slapped fine during his entire career.

To which, the chief justice said he can pay the fine on his behalf.