Afghanistan government HPC puts forward new peace proposal to Taliban

Afghanistan government HPC puts forward new peace proposal to Taliban

KABUL - *Afghanistan’s High Peace Council will prepare a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country if the Taliban sign a peace agreement with the Afghan government, an official from the council said.*

This he said would be a different peace offer than that made by President Ashraf Ghani recently.

The High Peace Council believes that the Taliban should not set preconditions for talks with the Afghan government, a spokesman for the council, Ehsan Taheri said.

“This is crystal clear that no one wants their security to be ensured by foreigners,” Taheri said.

“No doubt, the timetable for withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan will be prepared when peace is ensured and when the Taliban share their offers at the negotiations table.”

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah mentioned peace as a real demand of Afghans when he addressed the opening of an art exhibition in Kabul on Saturday.

“The people of Afghanistan have proved that they want peace between themselves and with all involved groups in the country,” Abdullah said.

The second deputy speaker of parliament, Amir Khan Yar, meanwhile said a rejection of government’s peace offer will not be in the interests of the country.

“It is a good opportunity. Taliban should also come and answer to the peace offer; because this is in favor of all and they (Taliban) should prove that they want peace,” he said.