Prince Charles praises Pakistani doctor


LONDON: The Prince of Wales has thanked a Pakistani consultant neurosurgeon for treating injured victims of Westminster terrorism attack by Khalid Masood.

Neurosurgeon Dr Irfan Malik, a graduate of Nishter Medical College, led the team of doctors and staff at the King’s College who treated the injured patients who were brought to the hospital minutes after a terrorist, Khalid Masood, hit pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge on his suicide mission. 

Dr Malik was the senior team leader surgeon on call that day when the terrorist attack unfolded around the Palace of Westminster.

At least 50 people were injured who required treatment at hospitals across central London, mainly at King’s College because of its reputation as “trauma centre”.

The Prince of Wales visited King’s College Hospital in London to meet the injured patients to boost their morale and met the hospital staff who treated and looked after the victims.

Dr Irfan Malik said he felt proud and that as a Pakistani doctor he was able to help victims of terrorism and play his part in getting the victims back on their feet.

Malik, who also treated Army Public School student Muhammad Ibrahim Khan at the Harley Street clinic last year, said that the Westminster terror attack was a “major, serious incident” in which the car of Khalid Masood had “hit the pedestrians with high impact” and caused “serious brain and spine injuries including long bone injuries”.

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