USA, Japan, South Korea triade join together against North Korea 

WASHINGTON: USA. Japan and South Korea tirade joined together against North Korea in response to its recent nuclear tests.


Three leaders held meeting on the side lines of nuclear security summit and decided to take further steps to counter North Korea's nuclear programme.


US President Barack Obama said “We are united in our efforts to deter and defend against North Korean provocations, we have to work together to meet this challenge.”


Obama urged Japan and South Korea to end their conflicts and take a joint stand against North.


The tensions raised in the region after North’s 4th nuclear test on January 6 and satellite launch with a banned technology on February 6.


North has threatened South Korea for a nuclear attack several times.


It threatened to strike US and South’s military drills and also fired short-range ballistic missiles.


Obama also held talks with his Chinese counterpart at the occasion for the implementation of UN sanctions on North to block its cashflow generated from exports.


China claimed that unilateral sanctions are not the solution of any problem it will make the situation even worse in the region. The conflicts should be resolved only by holding negotiations.