US FBI breaks Apple I Phone Security Lock

WASHINGTON: US FBI broke Apple iPhone Security Lock without Apple’s help.


FBI officials claimed that they got access to the iPhone data of the San Bernardino gunman with the help of third party.


FBI has also withdrawn a case against Apple iPhone from the court.


Earlier, FBI requested Apple to write software to access Syed Rizwan Farrok’s iPhone data who killed 14 people at an office party on December 2 but Apple refused to do so.


Apple asked US government to share vulnerability of iPhone so that it may strengthen the security of the phone but US officials denied sharing any information.


The investigators said “It remains a priority for the government to ensure that law enforcement can obtain crucial digital information to protect national security and public safety, either with cooperation from relevant parties, or through the court system when cooperation fails.”


Sources claimed that an Israel based cybersecurity firm Cellebrite is involved in unlocking the device.


FBI Director James Comey said “The San Bernardino case was about trying to send a message or set a precedent; it was and is about fully investigating a terrorist attack.”