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  1. Sawera Rasheed

    Sawera Rasheed

    I’m so tried of men deciding things for us. Why don’t they shove this piece of cloth up their….. Every day it’s another thing to make women moral. How about abolishing jirga system, weapon culture, anti vaccination campaigns etc

  2. Hina Mehmood

    Hina Mehmood

    We’re underdogs sis only men will decide our fate

  3. Hamza Ijaz

    Hamza Ijaz

    ? �

    ❤ p ψ ţ һ o ň s ? β ο τ τ ε r ♥

    ♪—-» GULL-WEB.TK «—-♪

    ♡o. Cɾεαtεɾ ? faɩsaɭ ŋaɖҽҽm <3 wanted kashan .o♡

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