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  1. Shah Afridi Azt

    Shah Afridi Azt

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  2. Navaid Ali

    Navaid Ali

    What else could we expet from these kia Indian puppets

  3. Tariq Wadood

    Tariq Wadood

    Now just pray to ALLAH
    may the sovit war in Afghanistan starts again
    Then they will realize what is Pakistan
    Will india give their public space inside the india

  4. Masaud Ul Haq

    Masaud Ul Haq

    Thanks Ghani we consider you a tool of India against Pakistan!!

  5. Zohaib Anser

    Zohaib Anser

    This person is a total idiot.

  6. Ali Zaib Goraya

    Ali Zaib Goraya

    Haroon Goraya Umair Asmat Goraya

  7. Adnan Khan Khan

    Adnan Khan Khan

    Thanks we put Afghanistan undee our feet while indian keep it in pajamaa

  8. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Afgholistan me itna dm nhe k Pakistan samne khara ho jye

  9. Muhammad Saeed

    Muhammad Saeed

    Then why he is keeping his 3 millions nationals in an Enemy State? Why is doing his tarnsit trade through an Enemy State?

  10. Fayaz Bhat

    Fayaz Bhat

    Indian push behind it,b cool

  11. Sahil Khan

    Sahil Khan

    indian popet .no problam

  12. Zia Shah

    Zia Shah

    Who cares what he think no matter

  13. Dilawer Memon

    Dilawer Memon

    Request to Afghan Taliban through these American puppet out of the Afghanistan…

  14. Abdul Haseeb

    Abdul Haseeb

    Absolutely right , ahsan framosh country(afg)

  15. Hamza Iftikhar

    Hamza Iftikhar

    Well in that case destruction in Afghanistan by NATO forces & America is well deserved

  16. کاشف محمود

    کاشف محمود

    Fuck all motherfcker afghans fuckingstani

  17. AbdUllah Khan

    AbdUllah Khan

    Ofocurse aftrall what we have done with them ??

  18. Watan Dost

    Watan Dost

    This time we know we Will let them pass us and come to sea view karachi. U ppl get ready hahaha

  19. Hamza Akhtar

    Hamza Akhtar

    Aik baat yaad rakhna …. Aaj nahin tou kal jab Indians
    ” bera garq ” kar k chale jaen gay …. tou Pakistan k ilawa koi mulk madad ko nahin aye ga tumhare …. uss waqt hath malte rehna sirf ….

  20. Dar Tauseef Dar

    Dar Tauseef Dar

    Ashraf is agent of india

  21. Maaz Qazi

    Maaz Qazi

    Thanks ? btana ka lia …… Now we should also term them as enemies.. and stop ? using emotional words as(musalman bhai)

  22. Arslan Sayyam

    Arslan Sayyam

    I think
    Its unfair statement

  23. Waqar Saleem

    Waqar Saleem

    long time at lest I heard from you now I love you

  24. Wasif Malik

    Wasif Malik

    Now we should prove those namak haram Afghan bastards as real enemy state. No need to show courtesy anymore. Leave them to the hell with randions.

  25. Arbab Alam Khan

    Arbab Alam Khan

    bro wrong is wrong,,,there should be diversity of opinions which is beauty of our democracy,,and we are taught to be critical thinkers not lakeer k faqeeers,DR.SHaKEEL ZINDABAD.

  26. Waqar Saleem

    Waqar Saleem

    that true but a opinion that’s lead u against your country i personally reject it

  27. Waqar Saleem

    Waqar Saleem

    by the way mubarak ho u change dp

  28. Arbab Alam Khan

    Arbab Alam Khan

    why would it lead u against country bro? it could lead u to against leaderships but not people of the country or country itself.

  29. Arbab Alam Khan

    Arbab Alam Khan

    thank u for dp wishes 😛

  30. Muhammad Haqiq

    Muhammad Haqiq

    afghanistan is a terrorist country

  31. Waqar Saleem

    Waqar Saleem

    kia ho rah haii ajj kl

  32. Ali Akbar

    Ali Akbar

    Aur begarti ki bat ya ha ka .hum ko enemy man ka bi apna citizen ya apma mulk ma nhi lata

  33. Muhammad Haqiq

    Muhammad Haqiq

    afghanistan is a tool of india against pakistan

  34. Hekmat Afgunz

    Hekmat Afgunz

    Afghanistan has optional routes if enemies think to block trade routes, pork is enemy till you take action against the terrorists groups who are living in luxury houses supported by Punjab.

  35. Malik Zohaib Awan

    Malik Zohaib Awan

    we r nt ur enemies. better talk abt other, u brainwashed by indians mushrik

  36. M AwAis KhAn

    M AwAis KhAn

    Who cares let them be what they are..

  37. Muhammad Abid Ali Burriro

    Muhammad Abid Ali Burriro
    Subscribe the channel for islamic hadees videos and forward for sadkae jaria

  38. Muhammad Saeed

    Muhammad Saeed

    They are terrorist and playing in hands of region biggest terrorist India

  39. Hekmat Afgunz

    Hekmat Afgunz

    For you’re info, I haven never been to India, I was born in peshawar and my mum is also from there but I know who my enemy is.

  40. Muhammad Sharjeel

    Muhammad Sharjeel

    Can we just nuke Afghanistan.

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