PTI 100 days performance: What does economic analysts say?

PTI 100 days performance: What does economic analysts say?

ISLAMABAD - Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui, Economist and Analyst gives his opinion about PTI government 100 days performance.

Addressing a special ceremony regarding 100-day performance of the PTI government in Islamabad this evening, Prime Minister Imran khan highlighted government’s steps to alleviate poverty, strengthen national economy and welfare of the poor men.

It is welcoming that the government is heading in right direction and taking concrete measures to improve economy. We need more resources to generate revenue in order to meet our requirements.

The provincial governments will have to cooperate with the Federal Government to stabilize economy. The incumbent government has prepared a very effective plan, but it is highly important to implement this plan in appropriate manner. The government will have to take some bold steps to decrease current account deficit.

It is imperative to increase foreign investments, tax net and export growth to gain economic independence. The government should ensure that tax money is being utilized for the welfare of the people.

Dr. Gulfraz (Former Secretary Natural Gas and Petroleum):

The government is serious to make people-friendly policies. It is an appreciable achievement that incumbent government managed to make a comprehensive plan in only first hundred days to overcome economic crises. Prime Minister briefly highlighted the details of upcoming projects and possible legislation.

The present government’s vision is clear to address major issues, including health problems, education, poverty alleviation, economic revival and creating job opportunities.

The government is taking concrete measures to overcome energy shortage, and control the gas and electricity theft. Pakistan has a lot of potential in the fields of agriculture, tourism and live stock industry. There is a need to formulate policies in right direction.

Dr.Huma Baqai (Expert on International Relations):

Despite all challenges and criticism against incumbent government, PTI leadership chalked out effective foreign policy. Prime Minister Imran Khan took concrete measures to project soft and positive image of the country at international level.

Pakistan believes in peaceful and constructive relations with all neighboring countries, including India. Pakistan endorses every imitative taken for regional peace and stability.

The groundbreaking of Kartarpur Corridor is a recent example of Pakistan’s peace initiative, and the corridor will facilitate Indian Sikh community to visit their most sacred sites in Pakistan.

India’s attitude towards Pakistan is hostile and aggressive, which symbolizes unfortunate trend. The recent successful visits of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China, Saudi Arabia, and UEA were aimed at attract foreign investments and portray goodwill gestures.

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (Political Analyst):

Pakistan’s stance towards its foreign policy and bilateral ties with other regional countries is effective and appreciable. Establishment of Peace in the regional and neighboring counties will help promote peace in Pakistan.

The issue of international investment and economic relations with other countries are conditioned with regional peace and stability. The government’s efforts to establish peaceful ties with other countries and its first 100-day performance are laudable.

The incumbent government is committed to play its role to resolve conflicts and promote peace in the region. The United States should realize that peace in the region cannot be established without Pakistan’s support. No any sovereign state can ignore threatening tone of other states.