China's National Art Museum to permanently display rare painting of Pakistani artist

China's National Art Museum to permanently display rare painting of Pakistani artist

BEIJING: (APP) The National Art Museum of China will permanently display a rare painting of renowned Pakistani artist and social worker "Jimmy Engineer" who handed over his piece of art to the administration of the museum here on Wednesday.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid, officials of the Embassy of

Pakistan and National Art Museum were present.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador said, both Pakistan and China were celebrating 66 years of friendship which was cherished by the people and leaderships of two countries.

He said, the Pak-China cultural relations were significant as being important component of Belt and Road Initiative announced by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

After building an economic corridor, both the countries were trying to expand their cultural, academic and intellectual links, he added.

Masood Khalid informed, more than 18,000 Pakistani students were studying in different fields in China. A large number of young Pakistanis were also learning Chinese language.

About 19,000 Chinese nationals working on different projects in Pakistan were establishing permanent bonds between the two friendly countries, he added.

He opined that museums in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi having Gandhara cultural artifacts and museums in China could play an important role to further boost cultural ties between the two countries.

Pakistan, he said, had been a cradle of different civilizations and it had varied landscapes while people lived with harmony and unity.

Lauding the contribution of Jimmy Engineer for promoting soft image of Pakistan, he said, first exhibition of the artist organized here last week attracted a lot of Chinese audience and received their appreciation.

He said, the paintings of the versatile Pakistani artist had been selected for display by different museums of the world while he had received a number of national and international medals and awards as recognition of his art work.

The Ambassador who himself an art lover, thanked the administration of the museum for giving an honor to Pakistan by displaying art work of a Pakistani artist at such a prestigious museum in China.

While acknowledging rich Pakistani art and culture, Deputy Director of the Museum, Hu Wei said, Pakistan was first country which established diplomatic relations with China.

He said, both the countries had already maintained close cultural relations adding, the painting gifted by Pakistan's most accomplished artist would further strengthen these ties.

"This unique painting to be permanently displayed in the museum will provide an opportunity to the visitors to witness art work of an internationally acclaimed artist who has created a lot of paintings about Pakistan's independence movement, landscape and the architecture," he added.

While applauding Jimmy Engineer for his art as well as social work, he expressed the confidence that his painting would help enhance people to people contact between China and Pakistan.

Sharing his life experiences and art work with the audience, Jimmy Engineer said, he created all of his art work for the country and he considered himself as "Servant of Pakistan".

"I wanted to share my art work with Chinese people and I thank the museum administration for providing me an ample opportunity by displaying my painting," he added.

Jimmy Engineer said, he remained a student of nature during his entire life as he was a disciple of the nature.

He said, his painting, one of his 58 paintings completed in 13 years, to be placed at the museum would continue to remind the visitors that Pakistanis were art lovers and enlightened people and they were creating positive things.

Later, the Deputy Director of the museum presented certificate to the artist in recognition to his contributions to the art and culture.