Pakistan PM Imran Khan rejects meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi

Pakistan PM Imran Khan rejects meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan says world needs to understand the gravity of the human rights situation after the curfew is lifted from Occupied Kashmir.

In an interview with senior correspondent of CNN Christiane Amanpour, he said the enormity of the situation can be gauged from the presence of nine hundred thousand troops in the held territory.

Imran Khan ruled out a meeting with his Indian counterpart in New York after what Modi had done in Occupied Kashmir. He said besieging the Kashmiris for over fifty days is testimony of the mindset in India that believes in hate.

Prime Minister said Narendra Modi represents RSS that was established in 1925, after inspiring from Adolph Hitler and Nazism. RSS believed in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. This ideology of racial superiority was also responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi who was considered soft on Muslims.

Replying to a question, he said President Donald Trump heads the most powerful country in the world and is in best position to do something about the issue of Kashmir. He said Modi does not want international mediation as he knows the moment this issue becomes internationalized, the world will understand that the Kashmiris are fighting for the right to self-determination and are subjected to worst human rights abuses by Indian forces.

Imran Khan said he believes international community moves on this issue as it is a flashpoint between two nuclear armed countries. He said if it was something localized, the world would not have been pushed about it.

Prime Minister said India has been using fake narrative that it is stationing troops in Occupied Kashmir for prosperity of Kashmiris, which is totally false.

On a question, the Prime Minister said Indian allegations on Pakistan of mobilizing militants in Kashmir is an attempt by New Delhi to divert attention of international community from the impending massacre. They are invoking the term of Islamic terrorism as it resonates with some people in Western capitals in the post 9/11 world. He questioned what a small number of terrorists could do in front of nine hundred thousand troops.

Imran Khan said he has clearly told the people of Pakistan that anyone going to fight in Kashmir will be treated as enemy of the country. This is the first time two nuclear armed countries stand face to face. He said it happened in February this year when we shot down two Indian fighter jets after India launched a strike and returned the Indian pilot as a goodwill gesture. I also told the Indian public at that time that if the situation goes further, it will be out of hands of both Prime Ministers.

Imran Khan said the whole election campaign of Narendra Modi was based on jingoism and war hysteria. On a question regarding Iran-US tensions, he said Pakistan does not want conflict near its borders. He said a conflict in the Persian Gulf could lead to increase in global oil prices and a host of other issues. He said to be fair with President Trump, all his instincts are against war. I also spoke to President Rouhani of Iran and let's see where the situation leads.