Pakistan NOT responsible for US not succeeding in Afghanistan: PM Khan

Pakistan NOT responsible for US not succeeding in Afghanistan: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan told CNN Christiane Amanpour that Pakistan was not responsible for US not succeeding in Afghanistan.

The US had more than one hundred and fifty thousand troops in the neighboring country and the biggest war machine. But it is historical fact that Afghanis have always stood up against the foreigners.

There is no military solution to Afghan conflict. Pakistan has supported the dialogue process and it hopes that the stalled talks process will resume.

Imran Khan said the whole election campaign of Narendra Modi was based on jingoism and war hysteria. On a question regarding Iran-US tensions, he said Pakistan does not want conflict near its borders.

He said a conflict in the Persian Gulf could lead to increase in global oil prices and a host of other issues. He said to be fair with President Trump, all his instincts are against war. I also spoke to President Rouhani of Iran and let's see where the situation leads.

Replying to a question regarding the acceptance of IMF deal by his government, he said the incumbent government inherited the biggest current account deficit in Pakistan's history. We also had to service huge debts accumulated by previous governments.

Had we not gone to IMF, we could have defaulted. He said situation has stabilized on the economic front and positive signs are emerging.

Imran Khan said we also campaigned for anti-corruption and are expanding the tax base of the country. He said this is a credible government and more people will pay tax now as they trust the government.