American CIA behind the dirty game in Hong Kong against China: Report

American CIA behind the dirty game in Hong Kong against China: Report

ISLAMABAD - The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “dirty hands” are “all over the violence” in Hong Kong, which has been gripped by protests, rocking the autonomous Chinese city, says a political analyst.

Stephen Lendman, an author and a radio host in Washington, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV when asked about Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who Saturday lashed out at the United States over its one-sided approach to world politics and its adversarial attitude towards Beijing.

Wang said Washington has used its domestic law to "crudely interfere" in China's internal affairs, trying to damage "one country, two systems" -- Beijing's reference for the ruling mechanism it applies to Hong Kong -- and compromise the Chinese region’s stability and prosperity. [image: China: US ‘world’s biggest source of instability’] link The US has vocally backed anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong. Earlier this week, the US House of Representatives passed two bills to back the protesters and issued a “warning” to China about alleged human rights issues. link

“China criticized the US for what I criticize this country about repeatedly, the greatest source of violence and instability in the world. (A) statement by China’s Foreign Ministry made the criticism (that) relates to what is going on in Hong Kong with CIA dirty hands all over the violence,” Lendman said Saturday.

“China has certainly a right to criticize this. A concern that China has and a concern that I have is the US just may overstep one day and something can happen that I don’t think either side wants, the idea of a war between these two superpowers.”

Beijing has time and again named the United States and Britain, the former colonial power in Hong Kong, as the main provocateurs of the protesters through statements of support.