Imam Masjid held over blasphemy charges

Imam Masjid held over blasphemy charges

LAHORE  : Kanganpura Police on Sunday took the caretaker of a local mosque into custody over alleged charges of blasphemy.

Villagers staged a demonstration outside the Kanganpur police station following the arrest. They besieged the building and demanded police hand over the suspect to them after he reportedly burnt pages of the Holy Quran.

According to a police official, there are two madrassas in the area following the Ahle Sunnat and Deobandi doctrine of Islam.

“We are investigating the matter and holding meetings with elders and religious scholars of the area in a bid to find out what happened,” the official added.

The suspect, however, has denied the allegations. Police said they were investigating the matter further and would proceed as per the law. According to initial investigations, the caretaker did not commit blasphemy.