President Mamnoon Hussain blasts PML-N government four years performance in his explosive speech

President Mamnoon Hussain blasts PML-N government four years performance in his explosive speech

ISLAMABAD - In his explosive speech on Wednesday, President Mamnoon Hussain urged the masses to question the ruling elite about the utility of loan worth 14,800 billion taken by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz led federal government. He added that no new schools and hospitals have been built in last four years of PML-N government.

The speech, apparently ignored by mainstream media was made at the second convocation of University of Science and Technology Bannu (USTB), where the president also expressed his views about corruption and its impact on national growth.

“Corruption in recent decades destroyed the country and we need to play our part to get rid of this menace,” said Mamnoon Hussain .

The president declared that corruption was the biggest issue of today adding that in 2008, Pakistan had to pay a loan worth 7000 billion but it swelled after the inception of current government.

“After 2013, the government took loans worth 14,700 billion and masses are well within their rights in questioning the utility of that loan,” observed President Mamnoon.

The head of state did not mention anyone in his blunt outburst but expressed that politics of lies and deceit has inflicted a heavy loss to the country.

He also hastened to add that those who robbed this country of its resources would face the revenge of nature.

In a flagrant contradiction with his earlier observation, he said that Pakistan’s economy was moving in the right direction and the economic progress under the PML-N government was highly praised by the top monetary and financial organisations of the world.

“The country’s reserves stood at about $20 billion due to the government’s goal-oriented economic policies,” Mamnoon Hussain said.

He also highlighted different aspects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and claimed that it would make Pakistan a very important country in the region besides bolstering trade and industrialisation by connecting peoples and states of the region.

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