Bad news for Whatsapp Users, key feature being removed

Bad news for Whatsapp Users, key feature being removed

WhatsApp is poised to discontinue "unlimited storage" for chat backups, a change that Google and the meta-owned app will notify users about in advance.

The storage-limiting feature is currently present in the WhatsApp Business beta for Android update, with plans to extend this alteration to beta testers soon and eventually to all users next year, according to WaBetaInfo.

Once implemented, this modification will align WhatsApp's backup feature with iOS, allowing users to continue backing up data within the 15GB limit of their Google account or any additional storage subscription like the Google One plan.

This shift marks the end of unrestricted data backups for Android users, impacting those who have relied on the convenience of automated backups.

Users reaching the storage limit will need to free up space to continue backing up their chats, particularly affecting individuals heavily engaged in multimedia messaging, leading to larger backup file sizes.