Diamer Bhasha Dam fund: PM Imran Khan has another out of box solution

Diamer Bhasha Dam fund: PM Imran Khan has another out of box solution

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government under leadership of PM Imran Khan is set to take yet another initiative for the Diamer Bhasha Dam.

PM Imran Khan has decided to create a Diamer-Bhasha Dam Private Limited Company.

Company will be generating funds for the construction of the dam through extending ownership to the general public and overseas Pakistanis.

Federal government is considering various options to ensure additional collection of funds and a policy in this regard will be introduced soon after getting the consent of all the provinces.

“Pakistanis will find a reduction in monthly utility bills, while overseas Pakistanis will be given a profit in dollars. Consent of all provinces will also be ensured to guarantee the construction of the dam,” said sources.

Sharing details of a proposed plan regarding the formation of Diamer-Bhasha Dam Pvt Ltd Co., sources said that it was proposed to market the shares of this company through Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in which approximately 52 per cent shares of the company will be owned by the government, while the remaining 48 per cent will be owned by the masses.

They said that a campaign to attract overseas Pakistanis to buy the shares of Diamer-Bhasha Dam will be launched to collect amounts for the dam and to balance the remittances of the country, said sources.

Moreover, the government is also considering putting the burden of constructing the dam on the rich instead of the poor. “Imposition of a tax on bridges, barrages and on inter-provincial crossing to collect amount for the dam is also under consideration,” they added.

PTI-government will time and again appeal to the nation to play their role in the construction of the direly needed dam. The government will also approach all political parties to convince them to participate in the drive for the dam construction, said sources.

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