Nawaz Sharif faces embarrassment at Multan Jalsa

Nawaz Sharif faces embarrassment at Multan Jalsa

MULTAN: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif faced huge embarrassment at Multan’s Qasim Bagh Stadium on Friday as sources have revealed that the participants strength at the Jalsa was even less than five thousands people.

Even the agencies had reported the strength of people attending the Jalsa near 3000. Reportedly Nawaz Sharif was annoyed at the organisers of the Jalsa over the low participations of the people.

While addressing the rally he said that he came to Multan after attending 66th hearing of the references against him.

Nawaz said that he had visited Multan many times, but never witnessed such a passion. He said that he witnessed the same passion during his recent visits to Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan.

“You made Nawaz Sharif prime minister by voting in his favour on May 11,” he said, adding that he delivered on every single promise he made.

In a clear reference to his disqualification verdict, the former premier told the participants, “You and I will overturn the decision in 2018.”

Addressing the rally earlier, veteran politician Javed Hashmi said the country passed through various stages after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam. “I understand that the current stage is a difficult one.”

He said the Almighty granted various governments to Nawaz, adding, “The one, whose three government were toppled, has been fighting for the rights of the people.”

“History has not witnessed such a leader anywhere,” Hashmi added.

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