Shoaib Malik breaks silence over the car accident

Shoaib Malik breaks silence over the car accident

Veteran all-rounder, Shoaib Malik, was involved in an accident last night as his sports car crashed with a truck. Malik attended the highly anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 draft at the National High-Performance Center in Lahore last night.

After exiting the venue, he crashed his car into a truck parked outside NHPC in Lahore.

According to reports, Malik lost control of his Supra and went onto slide into the parked truck. Malik, fortunately, came out of the accident unscathed and thanked the Almighty for his safety on Twitter. ------------------------------

According to sources, Shoaib Malik was driving at high speed and seemed to lack experience in driving a sports car. According to reports, Malik and fast bowler Wahab Riaz left the event together.

Malik came out of the car without any significant injuries, while his sports car sustained serious damage. The front side of the car was almost completely damaged.