ADN reveals good news for Pakistan on the economic front

ADN reveals good news for Pakistan on the economic front

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s economy is recovering, said the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Thursday.

A recent report by the bank forecast the developing Asian growth to rebound to 6.8% in 2021. The report is called Asian Development Outlook 2020 Supplement, Paths Diverge in Recovery from the Pandemic.

It identified manufacturing and construction supported by the government's emergency relief as sectors of recovery in Pakistan.

The report discussed the largest economies of its member states, but did not include a number on Pakistan's growth projection.

A report in *The News* link said that despite the continuous spread of COVID-19, most economies have continued to relax containment measures after deciding that strict lockdowns are unsustainable for the economy.

The extent of containment reflects the state of outbreaks in different economies. It remains relatively stringent in Central, South, and Southeast Asia, where outbreaks have continued in some economies and reemerged in others. But it is less strict in East Asia and the Pacific where outbreaks are under control or absent.